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6 factors that can impact your home-selling timeline

A home holds great sentimentality, and the decision to sell it is definitely a big deal. You are probably wondering, ‘how can I sell my house online quicker?’ Here are factors that can impact your home-selling timeline.

1. Location

Most buyers pay attention to details, like the desirability of the neighbourhood where the house is located. Its proximity to amenities like schools, restaurants, public transport, and shopping centres also determine how fast the house will sell. Properties in undesirable locations are slow in getting buyer offers and can take way longer to sell.

2. The nature of the real estate market and seasons

If the house is located in a hot market, you can expect to sell the house faster. It may take longer to sell it in a market where buyer demand is low. You can also sell faster if you master the peak and low seasons of the real estate market. Selling is faster when there are few sellers and many buyers since more buyers will be competing and bidding for the same house. Houses tend to sell faster in summer as families are eager to settle before schools reopen. Sales in winter can be more sluggish because of the unfavourable weather conditions.

3. The price

Pricing is a significant part of the selling process. You can generate more interest and entice your offers by pricing your property slightly below the comparable houses on sale. More offers can drive up the prices, competition, and attract determined and passionate buyers. Remember that larger and more expensive homes take longer to sell because the pool of buyers that are interested in buying such houses is smaller.

4. The time taken to get the house seller-ready

Some sellers decide to carry out some repairs in the house before listing it. While this can increase the resale value, it can also prolong your selling timeline because of the time taken to get it ready. Remember that buyers would pick a meticulously repaired home over one that clearly needs repairs. Online real estate agents can advise you on whether the property needs a full renovation or just repainting to give it a fresh look.

5. Closing process

Appraisal and home inspection issues can delay the closing time. The closing date is also dependent on the buyer’s mode of financing. You will also sell faster if you offer your buyers more flexible payment options or financing terms.

6. Marketing strategy

The best marketing strategy should involve reaching the right people with the information that you are selling your home. Unqualified real estate agents often disregard this and push the sale to the wrong buyers. Understanding the demographics of selling and buying a home is critical in creating better chances of selling quicker.

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